Working Rhythms is an interactive music installation in which visitors play and mix rhythmic sound loops by manipulating different sculptural objects. The eight sculptures and their loop-based musical accompaniments reference eight New York City public locations.

Team (solo project)
Devin Curry – design, electronics, programming, fabrication, sound design

Sculpture Group small

The following video shows how it works:

Design & Process

The overall challenge was to take the concept of intangible physical spaces and turning it into a tangible multi-sensory experience.

The process involved four steps:

• Designing the concept and interaction

• Circuit design & Arduino programming

• Sculpture design & fabrication to fit electronics

• Music composition & sound design

IMG_8668 IMG_8734

User testing was important for confirming that the interaction was engaging for participants and for technical troubleshooting.  Cardboard boxes and and plastic cubes containing with circuit prototypes were used in place of the pedestals and sculptures, respectively. The insights influenced the project’s user feedback, sculpture form, and physical scale.

Below are concept sketches for layered acrylic design, held together without glue, and the dimensions of the sculptural components to be laser cut.










Laser cut foamcore was used to test the fit of electronic components for the interactive bases. Once the designs were finalized, the acrylic pieces were laser cut and hand assembled.

IMG_8957 copyIMG_8883

IMG_8971 Devin Thesis Working Rhythms revised















IMG_1955 cropped IMG_1975 cropped









Installed at REVERSE gallery, Brooklyn, NY, from February 18 – 20, 2016.  The solo show also included original drawings and prints.

IMG_1951 copyIMG_1956 copy IMG_1962 copy cropped

Also exhibited at the NYC Media Lab Annual Summit, 2015.