GRAPHIC DESIGN: Type, Logos, Artwork

A collection of original graphic design work.

Team (solo projects)

Devin Curry – design, layouts, code

Squarebiz Typeface

An original typeface designed on paper, then executed using Processing code to create the alphabet.

Devin Typeface v03





This archival print was laid out in Photoshop and printed on large format matte paper.

IMG_1978 copy

Below is an early sketch working out the characters and refining the rules, based on removing one rectangle and one triangle on a larger square.

IMG_9804 copy

Visual Effects Society Logo

A speculative logo design for a entertainment industry professional organization, created in Processing. Running the program multiple times change the logo’s alpha values and hue to create variants that can be used for different scenarios.

VES week 1 layout v02 small


NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program Logo

A speculative logo design for the New York University graduate program. The graphic part of the logo was created in Processing, with the type layout added afterwards.

ITP generative logo layout 02

Event Flyers

Designs for various event promotions, created in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Processing, and/or hand drawing and lettering.

SpaceRaceFurHorizontalLayout_v01_SMALLSpace Race – DJ event


itpspring02submitITP Spring Show 2015 – showcase of student work at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program


GOP Snake Flyer

GOP Trex Flyer

Grand Old Party – DJ event



A series of geometric art prints created in Processing, with new color schemes generated each time the program is run.

Devin pink design Devin blue design Devin orange design Devin purple design