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Working Rhythms is an interactive music installation in which visitors play and mix rhythmic sound loops by manipulating different sculptural objects. The eight sculptures and their loop-based musical…

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FILM/VIDEO: Reel & Selected Projects

A selection of video projects, ranging from narrative short films to nonfiction documentary. Reel Selected Projects “The Moneymaker” (2015) – narrative short film Role: Director, Producer, Writer, Editor….

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VIDEO INSTALLATION: Trials & Triangulations

Trials & Triangulations is a large format video art installation created for the 120’x11’ video wall at the IAC Building in New York City.  It features 3 minutes…

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The Percussion Kitchen is an electronic rhythm instrument that uses household cooking items as its drums and cymbals. A durable arcade button controller triggers a servo motor plus…

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GRAPHIC DESIGN: Type, Logos, Artwork

A collection of original graphic design work. Team (solo projects) Devin Curry – design, layouts, code Squarebiz Typeface An original typeface designed on paper, then executed using Processing…

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ANIMATION: Steven Seagal is the Head Chef

“Steven Seagal Is The Head Chef” (2013) is an animated short film. Team (solo project) Devin Curry – concept & storyboards, art, animation, sound design Design & Process…

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COMIC: The Woods

“The Woods” (2014) is a four page narrative comic. Team Devin Curry – writer (story & script), pencils, inks, layout Alex Rueda – writer (story)   Design &…